Dnes & Felver draws on decades of experience from around the globe.

With deep experience of legal and regulatory matters from the US, EU, UK and Asia, the firm’s global team is qualified in multiple locations, and has worked on high profile assignments at many of the most selective law firms in the world.

The firm drives co-ordinated approaches to global legal issues with one-stop-shopping for strategic antitrust, competition and trade law representation.

The multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary team encompasses not only attorneys but also economists and market research consultants to ensure nimble, in-house expertise across many major expert evidence issues.

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Global experience

Within the past year, attorneys from Dnes & Felver have appeared at:

  • The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), including the Digital Markets Unit (DMU)
  • The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • The EU Commission (DG Competition)

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Recent experience

Recent experience of attorneys from Dnes & Felver includes:

  • Representation before the U.S. FTC in relation to data use online. Founding partner Stephen Dnes had the last word at the public hearing for the FTC Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on so-called “Surveillance Capitalism”.
  • Submissions to the California Attorney General’s office in relation to the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • Representation of affected online businesses before trade associations (Interactive Advertisers’ Bureau proposals on Global Privacy Policy and Multi-State Privacy Agreement).
  • Advice on state laws affecting competing use of data online.
  • Advice on U.S. FTC rulemaking procedures and pertinent evidence rules following the Proposed Rulemaking on non-compete clauses in employment contracts.
  • Advice, briefings, and submissions on new antitrust and competition laws around the globe, including two major assignments on the UK’s proposed Competition Bill (Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill) and its post-Brexit refresh of the GDPR (Data Protection Bill No. 2).
  • Representations for affected parties in the UK CMA’s agreement with Google to defer the removal of third party cookies from web browsers.
  • Representation in antitrust merger review proceedings before the UK CMA.
  • Global strategic advice to trade associations on competition law and data regulation.
  • Advice on EU Commission matters under the new Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act.

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Our Services

Antitrust and competition

Attorneys from Dnes & Felver have international experience in antitrust and competition law, including all major aspects of cartel, dominance, monopolization and merger clearance law.

Trade law

Attorneys from Dnes & Felver have deep experience of trade law disputes before EU, US, and WTO bodies.

Emergent business law

Attorneys from Dnes & Felver are steeped in debates surrounding the business law of AI, machine learning, and other emergent technologies.

Public expert engagements

Attorneys from Dnes & Felver are frequently consulted for expert advice.

Recent publications and engagements include:

  • Invited presentations on antitrust and data regulation at George Mason University, USA (Program on Economics and Privacy) (April 2022).
  • International Center for Law and Economics, invitation to senior researcher retreat regarding platform antitrust issues (February 2023).
  • Commissioned research on online data use including a trans-Atlantic consumer survey (Northeastern University) (August 2022 – present).
  • Stephen Dnes, “The New EU Vertical Agreements Block Exemption: An Economic Perspective”, 44 European Competition Law Review 6 (May 2023).
  • Multiple expert commissions on reforms to UK competition law (April – present).

Both founding partners have deep experience of teaching as well as practice in their respective fields.

Many former students are now themselves in antitrust, trade and business law practice, including positions with the UK CMA’s Digital Markets Unit (CMA DMU), the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the EFTA Surveillance Authority, public accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, and many of the largest law firms around the world.

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