Author: Stephen Dnes

What next for the UK DMCC? Expert report published with the Legatum Institute

As Parliament returns from its festive break, many competition law eyes will be on the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers (DMCC) Bill – at the moment “Just a Bill” but probably not so for much longer… The DMCC: “Just a Bill”… but for how much longer? There are many rich questions as the Bill heads […]

Location, Location, Location: Would your data live on a cloud?

Does it matter where data is processed? Should it? There are some interesting developments taking this question well beyond the familiar questions about data flows between jurisdictions. What about data use on devices, on servers, and between them? There is a lesser-spotted trend for vertically integrated firms to encourage greater use of (1) on-device processing […]

New article – If the Competition and Markets Authority were an emoji: merger clearance lessons from Meta/Giphy

An expert article co-authored by Partner Stephen Dnes has appeared in the Competition Law Journal: “If the Competition and Markets Authority were an emoji: merger clearance lessons from Meta/Giphy.” The article reviews the decision by the UK CMA to block Facebook / Giphy, the decision by by-then Meta to challenge this in the Competition Appeal Tribunal, […]

When less is more: Targeted advertising regulation, New York-style

Is targeted advertising creepier than Sleepy Hollow on Halloween? It depends on what data is used to deliver the advert. Few will mind an advert that uses anonymous data from internet activity, especially if it relates to something innocuous – say, a holiday or a sweater. It is quite different when the data used for […]

Good cookies and bad cookies: What’s next for online match keys?

What will marketers eat if the third party cookie crumbles (“TPC”)? If using non-cookie based technology, will these match keys also come under threat? There are insights in a recent update report by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”). The CMA is reviewing the retirement of the third party cookie from the Google Chrome […]

No More Kings? Due Process and Regulation Without Representation Under the UK Competition Bill

Reposted from invited submission to Truth on the Market. What should a competition law for the 21st century look like? This point is debated across many jurisdictions. The Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumers Bill (DMCC) would change UK competition law’s approach to large platforms. The bill’s core point is to place the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s […]